High throughput Cell Separation and Single Cell Analysis

Prof. Dr. med. Susanne Herold, PhD

Susanne Herold is a W3 Professor for Pulmonary Infections and clinical head of the Infectious Diseases Section, Department of Medicine II, UKGM in Giessen. Susanne obtained her medical and PhD degree at Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Germany. Her research focuses on macrophage-epithelial interactions during viral pneumonia induced by influenza virus and SARS-CoV-2. She addresses mechanisms of tissue injury and regeneration processes in this context and aims at translating these findings into clinical applications. She runs several multi-center investigator-initiated trials aiming at clinical improvement of patients with viral pneumonia and ARDS by targeted interventions. She is vice president of the German Society for Infectious Diseases (DGI) and part of several medical and scientific advisory committees including the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin; and the German Research foundation (DFG), steering member of the Excellence Cluster Cardio-Pulmonary Institute (CPI), vice speaker of the Collaborative research center SFB TR84 and head of the DFG-funded clinical research unit Virus-induced Lung Injury (KFO309). She is also coordinator at the German center for lung research (DZL).

The Herold lab provides high throughput cell separation and analysis tools to address cell-cell interaction networks at high resolution up to single cell level in acute, chronic, and malignant lung diseases, with a focus on macrophage reprogramming into functional phenotypes and their interaction with parenchymal lung cells impacting disease outcome. Technologies include FACS analysis and MACS/FACS-based cell separation (BD FACSCanto, LSR Fortessa, FACSAriaIII, AutoMacs), allowing bulk sorts, single cell sorts into 96-wells, as well as index sorting and sample preparation for further sc/snRNA sequencing techniques (10x Genomics Chromium and ddSeq Drop-Seq platforms), to analyse cells from in vitro/ex vivo cultures, from circulating cell pools, and from complex healthy and diseased murine/human lung tissues. Using these technologies, we will address the following topics within the consortium in a collaborative effort:


Our FACS Facility is located at our labspace at the Biomedizinisches Forschungszentrum Seltersberg (BFS) where we offer collaborations using state-of-the-art flow cytometry equipment and assistance with respect to experimental design regarding users’ specific analysis and sorting needs, including sample preparation, acquisition and data analysis.


BD FACS AriaIII Cell Sorter

Our FACSAria is a cuvette based cell sorter equipped with 4 lasers (488, 561, 633, 405 nm) capable to measure up to 16 fluorescent parameters. Four different nozzles (70, 85, 100 and 130 µm) can be used depending on cell size. Septic bulk sorts for up to four populations simultaneously, single cell sorts into 96-wells as well as index sorting can be performed. This machine is also ideal for single-cell RNA sequencing sample preparation.



BD LSR Fortessa and FACSCanto Analyzer

Our Fortessa and FACSCanto have 4 (488, 561, 633, 405nm) and 3 lasers (488, 633, 405nm) installed, respectively, and can detect up to 14 fluorescence parameters in parallel which can be used for diverse analytical measurements.




Dr. rer. nat. Monika Heiner
Prof. Dr. med. Susanne Herold, PhD
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FACS-Infect Facility

Prof. Dr. med. Susanne Herold, PhD
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