Equal Opportunity

The ILH will be strongly engaged in the promotion of women in science. The institute will establish active recruitment processes to attract women for all scientific and technical positions on all academic career levels. It will strive towards the overall goal of the European Commission to have 40% participation of women at all levels including the key scientists’ positions. Pursuing this goal, the Institute for Lung Health will profit from a variety of measures/programs in place at JLU/UGMLC/CPI. The JLU has fully implemented the DFG standards for equal opportunities in research (Forschungsorientierte Gleichstellungsstandards), has received the highest ranking in this category and is certified as Family-Friendly University (“Grundzertifikat Familienfreundliche Hochschule”). Measures regarding equal opportunities and family support offered by the JLU/UGMLC/CPI include seminars and coaching (mentor/mentee-ships) for female scientists, addressing among other topics the compatibility of work and family, career service for female scientists, dual career service, access to reliable and affordable day-care facilities, flexible nursery for children, and guidance for parents as well as nurturing relatives. The Institute for Lung Health will make use of all these measures and additionally set up the following instruments:

  • Implementation of a “protected budget” devoted to equal opportunities within the institute´s budget
  • Installment of search committees actively seeking outstanding female scientists for the institute´s leading positions
  • Provision of child care during all institute seminars, workshops and symposia
  • Provision of additional technical personnel to take over routine laboratory work for young mothers and for the establishment of home office opportunities.