Quality assurance

Technologies for long-term archiving and backup of experimental and translational/clinical data sets (electronic lab books) and technical procedures of the Institute for Lung Health will be installed, thus allowing internal reference and control. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will be defined and consolidated into protocols, available to all members of the Institute for Lung Health/UGMLC/CPI lung research consortium. Teaching of scientific integrity and lessons in quality management are incorporated in the program of the Giessen Graduate School for the Life Sciences. Reproducibility, transparency and independent verification will have a high priority as cornerstones of the Institute for Lung Health´s research conductance. Assessment of the primary data is guaranteed in case of any potential investigation. Whenever possible, open access data availability to parties outside of the Institute for Lung Health will be part of the institute´s policy. All animal experiments and clinical trials will respect all legal regulations and will require a valid statement of the Ethics Committee/Decision Board in charge.