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    The Institute for Lung Health will uncover the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying maintenance of lung health and their failure in lung disease, and develop etiology-based preventive and regenerative therapies.
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    Research at the ILH focuses on the parenchymal/vascular lung compartment with a strong translational mission. This includes the topics of Resilience, Remodeling, Repair and Regeneration.
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    In the ILH, special emphasis is given to the training, support and career development of junior scientists in lung biology and pulmonary medicine.
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ILH News

Medikamentenforschung: Neues Wirkprinzip gegen Coronaviren

Wissenschaftler des DZL-Standortverbundes UGMLC haben entdeckt, dass die Substanz Thapsigargin die Vermehrung von SARS-CoV-2 hemmt.

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„Pandemie der Ungeimpften“

In der FAZ ist ein Interview mit Professorin Susanne Herold vom DZL-Standort UGMLC über die Corona-Impfung und die aktuelle Lage in den Krankenhäusern erschienen.

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T Lymphocytes and COVID-19

A collaboration of multiple research institutions with researchers of the DZL site Munich involved reveals the cellular activation states of SARS-CoV-2 reactive T cells in the lung and blood. The study was published in Nature Communications.

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