• About the ILH

    The Institute for Lung Health will uncover the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying maintenance of lung health and their failure in lung disease, and develop etiology-based preventive and regenerative therapies.
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  • Research Profile

    Research at the ILH focuses on the parenchymal/vascular lung compartment with a strong translational mission. This includes the topics of Resilience, Remodeling, Repair and Regeneration.
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  • ILH Academy

    In the ILH, special emphasis is given to the training, support and career development of junior scientists in lung biology and pulmonary medicine.
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ILH News

Preparations Underway for Construction of New Institute

Another milestone of the Giessen lung research will soon take visible shape: preparation of the construction site for the building of the new Institute for Lung Health (ILH) is beginning in February.

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Assembly within the tumor center

Number of macrophages in tumor tissue enables prognosis of lung tumor progression.

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Re-education of tumor-associated macrophages offers novel immunotherapeutic option for lung cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women and accounts for almost 28% of all cancer deaths worldwide.

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