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Von Behring Röntgen Foundation honors scientists of the DZL site UGMLC

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On October 5, the Von Behring Röntgen Foundation honored five scientists for their outstanding achievements in medical research. Among them were Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich Grimminger, a DZL researcher from Giessen, and Dr. Niklas Gremke, a junior researcher from Marburg in the research group of DZL Principal Investigator Professor Thorsten Stiewe.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich Grimminger was honored with the Von Behring X-ray Research Medal for his outstanding achievements in establishing the Giessen Lung Focus in research, teaching and clinical care.

Federal Minister Prof. Dr. Helge Braun gave the laudatory speech for Grimminger: "As an extraordinary personality, he serves as a role model for young people to follow a path into science: a zest for life, a love of his homeland, social commitment, hobbies, worldliness, a devotion to patients and a successful manager. Many patients today have a better life because of his dedication."

Grimminger developed new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts, including for acute respiratory failure, pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary fibrosis. The 63-year-old is the director of the Medical Clinic IV/V of the University Hospital UKGM, Giessen site, as well as head of the Giessen Lung Center with the LOEWE Center UGMLC and the Cluster of Excellence ECCPS. He is also deputy director of the Giessen Insitute for Lung Health (ILH).

Since 2010, the Von Behring Röntgen Research Medal has been awarded alternately to outstanding scientists from Marburg and Giessen.

Successful young scientist
The 29-year-old physician Dr. Niklas Gremke was honored for his work on the role of the mTOR signaling pathway in tumor pathology and therapy. In his research, he demonstrates valuable treatment options for otherwise out-of-treatment tumor patients. He plans to address this in his further clinical and scientific work. Gremke's doctorate, which he completed at the Institute of Molecular Oncology at Philipps University in Marburg, was recognized with the highest honor. His impressive list of publications includes first authorship in the journal Nature Communications.


Two DZL scientists are among the Von Behring X-ray laureates (from left to right): Dr. Niklas Gremke (DZL), Dr. Jerena Manoharan, Dr. Chen Jiang, medal winner Prof. Dr. Roland Lill, Foundation President Friedrich Bohl and medal winner Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich Grimminger (DZL). All persons shown in the photo have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Photo: Christian Stein


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